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Trayback Anchor Straps Small

Product No: CMLR01
Brand: Cargo Mate

The perfect solution for securing low level loads in the back of utilities and trucks fitted with aluminium or steel dropsides. They limit the need to install permanent anchor points and eliminate the possibility of dropsides bending when tensioning straps. They simply slip between the floor & dropside and can be moved forward or backward as required. Multiple straps can be used to cater to different load configurations. 


  • Ideal for securing low loads
  • Suitable for most utilities & trucks with dropsides.
  • Fluorescent orange webbing
  • Steel loop and buckle construction
  • Protective plastic coating prevents scratching
  • Lashing capacity: 270kg
  • Secures via stop buckle 
  • Length: 160mm
  • Width: 25mm
  • Tested and marked to comply with appropriate sections of AS/NZS4380:2001 Motor vehicles-Cargo restraint systems-Transport webbing and component
  • Design Registered