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Sunland is unquestionably the largest manufacturer and distributor of quality automotive dashmats in Australia. In fact we are the pioneers of dashmat production in this country. For nearly 30 years our attention to detail & commitment to excellence has seen us take the humble dashmat from a basic carpet creation to a scientifically engineered product.

Sunland sets the standard in dashmat development with the Generation IIII Protex Dashmat backed by a lifetime warranty. Our dashmats are fully moulded to fit your dashboard exactly, including cars fitted with dash mounted passenger side air bags.

They have been scientifically tested to reduce in car temperatures and improve air conditioner performance. They prevent dashboard discolouration & cracking by offering maximum protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays also reducing refection and glare given off by modern contoured dashboards.

Sunland have the most extensive range of models available so it’s no wonder we are Australian’s #1 maker of quality automotive dashmats. Don’t settle for inferior quality dashmats which just don’t make the grade. It’s a simple choice, Sunland are “The Original & Still the Best” dashmat available in the market today.

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The monogramming displayed is for general illustration purposes only. The positioning of the monogramming displayed on this website is in the default location (just above the glove box area). The final positioning may vary slightly due to the model of dashmat, whether it has airbag cut-outs, a glove box or raised contours. We always attempt to place the monogramming in the best possible location based on our experience.

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How to Identify Vehicle Models

Having the correct model information is essential when looking for the right dashmat. A vehicle compliance plate is one of the best ways to confirm the make, model and year of a vehicle. The compliance plate is located either on the vehicle frame usually around the drivers-door area or under the bonnet near the firewall or radiator support panel. You may also find model information in the vehicle handbook. Remember, please make sure you have the right model details before placing an order.