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Accordion Interior Sun Blinds

Product No: ASB62
Brand: Sunland

The innovative design of the new Accordion Sun Blind makes it the most convenient and easy to use sun blind to hit the market in a very long time. Made from premium woven polyester fabric and high grade plastics, it is suitable for most vehicles. It takes only minutes to install and opens and closes in seconds. The shade mounts to each side of the windscreen so it is always ready to use. Just pull each side of the shade together so they meet in the middle and the Velcro fasteners hold it closed. The Accordion Sun Blind has a unique retraction system that lets it fold away after each use. All you do is pull apart the Velcro fasteners and each side folds up “accordion style” at the sides. Once retracted the shade will not block your view of the road ahead. IT’S THAT EASY!

  • Suitable for windscreens up to 62cm high.
  • Premium UV protection
  • Self-retracting after each of use
  • A range of sizes to suit most vehicle windscreens
  • Trouble free installation. Takes only a few minutes.
  • Requires no additional storage space.
  • High quality, long lasting woven fabric that reflect UV rays
  • Fits even the widest of windscreens up to 180cm.