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Glo-X Illuminating Night Paint

Product No: 0061G
Brand: Glo-X

Glo‐X Illuminating Night Paint is an Australian made clear coat paint which has clear, photoluminescent pigment suspended within the paint. In daylight hours it appears clear but at night, in complete darkness or very low light, the paint glows. By recycling the light from natural and powered sources such as sunlight, LED halogen and UV lights the exposure generates the luminescence effect. Glo-X Professional Night Paint provides long lasting safety illumination and is suitable for complete darkness or low light situations such as power blackouts. The luminance effect period is dependent on intensity and thickness of paint layer and full luminance level is best achieved in total darkness. To recharge the luminosity, use a strong source of light to load the effect of the paint temporarily (natural or mechanical light source eg sunlight)

Simply paint the object you wish to illuminate to enable visibility (it is recommended that you apply over a white base coat using multiple layers of ILLUMINATING NIGHT PAINT lacquer onto a primed surface to achieve best result) The luminance-effect is only visible in total darkness without any light sources, therefore test luminosity between paint coats until the desired luminance is achieved.


 Suggested applications

  • Automotive - cars, bikes, caravans, trailers
  • Marine - boats, jetskis, buoys, kayaks
  • Sports - skateboards, surfboards, balls
  • Camping - ropes, pegs, poles, 
  • Home - street numbers, steps, driveways
  • Work - locks, keys, doors, exits
  • Mining - machinery, signage, railings

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