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Trolley Jack

Product No: JT417
Brand: Orcon

WLL 17000

This quality hydraulic trolley jack features a precision made ram & piston which allows for a smooth and swift lifting action. 360 degree rear swivel casters and steel front wheels allow for fast positioning and the swivel head cap ensures a solid load contact to vehicle. Includes overload safety by-pass system to prevent jack damage caused by over pumping or overloading. Each jack includes a safety release valve, oil filler plug & chamber and is finished off with a durable baked enamel coating.


  • 1700kg working load limit.
  • Lowered Height: 131mm
  • Raised Height: 387mm
  • Weight: 12.8kg
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Chrome hydraulic ram & piston pump
  • Reinforced lifting arm with rotating head cap
  • 360° rear mounted swivel caster wheels
  • Solid steel front wheels 
  • Durable baked enamel finish
  • Twist lock handle 
  • Carry handle
  • Labelled with safe-use instructions

meets australian standards

light bulb note Specifications such as lowered and raised height may change without notice. Check packaging for exact measurements.

  • The hydraulic jack should be used on a level surface.
  • The unlifted wheels of the vehicle should be chocked.
  • The load should be centrally located on the head cap.
  • No person should remain in a vehicle that is being lifted.
  • The hydraulic jack should be used for lifting and lowing only: the raised vehicle should be supported on vehicle support stands.
  • No person should get under a vehicle that is supported only by a hydraulic trolley jack.
  • The vehicle mnufactureer owner's manual should be consulted prior to the lifting of the vehicle.



1. Before each use a visual inspection of the jack should be made. This should check for things such as cracks in the welds, leaking oil, any general damage and loose or missing parts.
2. The jack should be checked if it is believed to have been subject to an abnormal load or shock. It is also recommended that the jack be inspected by an approved repair facility.
3. An annual inspection of the jack is recommended.
4. Do not use if any damage is evident.

Caution before use:

Lubricate all pivoting and moving points.

Occassionally during shipment and/or handling, air can become trapped in the hydraulic system. This can interfere with the jacks lifting performance. To alleviate this problem:

1. Ensure the jack is in lowered position. Open the release valve.
2. Open the rubber air vent valve.
3. Rapidly pump the jack several times.
4. Replace the rubber air vent valve. The jack will now be ready for use.