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Towing Mirror

Product No: MH3005
Brand: Drive

Modelled on the hugely successful MH3006, this version features a longer mirror extension arm and a stability brace that connects to an anti-scratch magnetic pad which is mounted to the door. The magnetic pad provides extra stability and reduces vibration while the brace is designed to eliminate excessive movement of the mirror assembly. Working together they help to reduce the occurance of "window slap". This can occur when vehicles such as trucks, buses & caravans passing from the opposite direction at high speed cause a mirror to slap violently against the car door or window. 

  • Anti scratch magnetic protective pad
  • Pad reduces vibration & aides stability
  • Fits factory & aftermarket mirrors
  • Suits both driver & passenger side doors
  • Original car mirror is not obstructed
  • Practical & safe to use
  • Fast & easy installation
  • No tools required