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Inline Water Filter - Nano Silver

Product No: WF43
Brand: Explore

This water filter is ideal for caravans, camper trailers and boats, reducing dirt, rust and algae as well as removing chemical taste and odours from drinking water.

• Removes taste & odour
• Prevents bacterial growth
• Click-on hose fittings included
• Ideal for filling tanks
• Suitable for under-sink fitment
• Granulated activated carbon
• Nanosilver technology*

WHAT IS NANOSILVER TECHNOLOGY? Nanosilver Technology involves silver nanoparticles interacting with the outer membrane of bacteria, causing structural changes that lead to degradation and eventually death of the microbe. Silver is highly anti-microbial thanks to its antiseptic properties that affect several species of bacteria, including common E. coli, Cholera and Typhoid amongst others.

Filter dimensions: 254 x 50mm
Flow rate: 3 litres per minute
Maximum pressure: 125psi
Maximum temperature: 38°c
Connection port: 1/4 NPT (female)
Replace after: 5000L/12 Months