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Inline Water Filter Housing

Product No: WF60
Brand: Explore

Water filter housing with replaceable Sterasyl® ceramic candle filter, designed to remove suspended solids and pathogenic bacteria from drinking water.


• Removes taste & odour
• Prevents bacterial growth
• Click-on hose fittings included
• Ideal for filling tanks
• Suitable for under-sink fitment
• Premium water filtering
• Reusable housing

Filter performance - WF60/WF60C
Filtration rating: 0.9 micron
Absolute efficiency 99.99%

Housing dimensions: 310 x 78mm
Flow rate: 5 litres per minute
Maximum pressure: 125psi
Maximum temperature: 38°c
Connection port: 1/4 NPT (female)
Replace after: 10,000L/12 Months