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DC-DC Charger

Product No: DBDC10A
Brand: Battery Link

smart logo mcu DBDC10 amp badge

A DC to DC charger is the most effective way to recharge & maintain a caravan battery while towing. "Set & Forget" digital controls ensure the battery is fully charged and maintained without the risk of overcharging. Its been built tough to protect against dust and mositure. Ideal for caravans, camper vans,  pop tops & camper trailers fitted with dual battery systems.  

The life expectancy and performance of caravan batteries is severely impacted when a battery is not fully recharged after use. Without a DC to DC charger a vehicle’s alternator is incapable of fully charging and maintaining a caravan battery. The Pro Series Battery Charger is designed to fully charge auxiliary battery. By providing a unique charging profile to each battery type it is able to maintain an optimal charge in a caravan battery and wont drain the starter battery or run it flat. It also protects any secondary battery set-ups from going flat when they're most needed.

  • Built tough for all environments
  • Sealed for protection against dust and moisture
  • Manages and maintains without risk of overcharging.
  • Set and Forget - digital controls ensure battery is charged and maintained.
  • Programmable for different battery types including GEL, Lead Acid and Calcium Batteries