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4WD Air Compressor

Product No: AC475
Brand: Dr Air

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150psi 4X4 air compressor with Thermal Overload Protection inflates a 16" tyre from 0 to 32psi in approximately 4-1/2 minutes. Features include a 6M high pressure recoil hose with quick connect toggle chuck and dial pressure gauge, heat protective motor cover, 2.5m power cable, cut-off valve, sand tray base plate, built in on/off switch & durable storage bag. Designed & built tough for 4WD use they are suitable for most inflation tasks. Delivers up to 75 LPM

  • 6m high pressure recoil hose
  • Screw on connector for hands free operation
  • Both inflates & deflates 
  • 2.4m power cable
  • Heavy duty battery clips
  • 50mm in line pressure gauge
  • Heat protective motor cover
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Top mount carry handle
  • Air cleaner system         
  • Sand tray base plate
  • 40amp in-line fuse
  • Built in On/Off switch
  • Various inflation adapters & needles
  • Durable storage bag.                    

aircompressor tip

light bulb note Some air compressors may looks the same but most can't offer the performance and reliability of Pro Flow. Our units have been fully tested and we quote free air delivery volumes so its easy to compare 'apples with apples'. Our factories source premium components that have proven to provide extremely reliable compressors.