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Introducing the Chock 'n Lock

Introducing the Chock 'n Lock; a revolutionary new Australian made and owned product that locks, chocks, and stabilises dual axle caravans and trailers.

Using the latest in injection moulding technology,the Chock 'n Lock is made from a heavily reinforced plastic composite that is lightweight, et strong and durable.

How Does It Work?

With a simple turn of a wheel, the Chock 'n Lock stabilises the suspension and eliminates the sway and movement commonly associated with dual axle caravans and trailers.

It can be fitted either horizontally or vertically depending on the size and profile of your tyres.

The ergonomic turning mechanism allows for easy fitment by all ages without causing hand strain, and unlike similar products that require crawling underneath the trailer to fit, this can be installed from a kneeling or comfortable sitting position.

The Chock 'n Lock is suitable for use on most dual axle platforms, including caravans, boats, horse floats, and trailers.

The Chock 'n Lock is an ideal investment for anyone who owns a dual axle caravan or trailer. Two extension plates are included and can be added or removed depending on wheel spacing, while additional pairs (TWC01EP) can be purchased separately.

Click on the video below for a closer look at the Chock 'n Lock, or CLICK HERE for more details

Click here to see the Chock 'n Lock video