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Solar Compatible Caravan Chargers

Our popular range of Battery Link DC to DC chargers have been upgraded to allow for direct connection to solar panels. The addition of solar compatibility is just another feature that will help to extend the life expectancy of batteries, especially for those with solar panels installed.

 Whether you do or don't have solar panels, our range of DC to DC chargers are ideal for most caravan or camper trailers fitted with a dual battery system.

  • Solar compatible model allows charger to run from solar panels
  • Built tough for all environments
  • Sealed for protection against dust and moisture
  • Manages and maintains without risk of overcharging
  • Set and Forget - digital controls ensure battery is charged and maintained
  • Programmable for different battery types
  • Compatible with GEL, Lead Acid and Calcium batteries

There are two solar-compatible models available:

  • 10 Amp (Part No. DCDC10S)
  • 20 Amp (Part No. DCDC20S)

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