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Glo-X Illumination Products

Glo‐X have developed a world’s first technology that recycles natural and powered light to provide a powerless illumination for domestic, retail, building, mining, industrial and commercial applications avoiding the costs of lighting infrastructure and associated power consumption costs.

Their primary offering is an Australian made clear coat aerosol which has clear photoluminescent pigment suspended within the paint. In daylight hours it appears clear but at night, in complete darkness or very low light, the paint glows. By recycling the light from natural and powered sources such as sunlight, LED halogen and UV lights the exposure generates the luminescence effect. Apart from their amazing paint, Glo‐X make a range of diverse products utilising powerless illumination such as:  

  • Bike Illuminators
  • Tube Sleeves
  • Fish Attractors
  • Signage
  • Markers

glo-x video teaser2  glo-x video teaser3