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Pro Series digital smart chargers

Our newest range of multi-stage digital smart chargers features a quality liquid crystal display which provides important charging information all in the one location. The display is constantly updated so it's simple to follow the battery's progress during the recharging process.

They offer auto detect 6V or 12V operation, charge level display and amp input monitoring. The digital control system shows both voltage and amperage rates to the battery and is designed to charge and maintain most GEL, Calcium, Deep Cycle, AGM, VRLA and conventional lead acid batteries. It can even restore heavily discharged batteries through its clever multi-stage charging system. There is a permanent connection lead supplied with this charger for vehicles that require frequent charging such as classic cars, motorcycles or marine craft. They are suitable for negatively (-) grounded vehicles where the negative lead from the battery is connected to the vehicle chassis or engine block.

Click here to view the 2.5A model (Part No. MCU025D)

Click here to view the 4.0A model (Part No. MCU040D)