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Pocket Chain Saw from Mean Mother

This is a versatile piece of equipment ideal for any camping or recovery kit, and perfectly suited to any outdoor enthusiast needing a compact, lightweight wood cutting solution.

Perfect for clearing a path by removing low hanging branches, cutting up wood for a camp fire or clearing a wooden obstacle that is across a track. It is a must have inclusion to any travel kit.

The cutting blades are located at every drive link along the chain which makes cutting through timber faster and easier. With comfortable and easy to hold polyester webbing handles, it makes the Pocket Chain Saw easy to operate.

To use the Pocket Chain Saw:

Using protective leather gloves, wrap the chain around the timber with cutting blades contacting the timber and grasp the two handles - one in each hand.  Apply gentle pressure to reduce slack in the chain, then use a pulling motion  to one side to begin cutting and repeat in an alternate back-and-forth rhythm.

Be careful to keep body parts and clothing clear of the chain when using to avoid injury and beware of the blades “grabbing”, near the end of the cut.

Part No. MMPCS1

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