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Winches get a warranty boost

Our EDGE winches have built a strong reputation by offering superior quality and performance along with a large range of models to suit both the weekend warrior right through to the hardcore 4WD enthusiast.

We recently made the decision to upgrade the warranty on the EDGE series, so from 1 September 2016 all EDGE series winches will now come with a:

If that isn't enough, we've also extended the electrical warranty for the BOSS series from 2 to 5 YEARS. The BOSS series already has a LIFETIME mechanical warranty.

We are currently working through updating our existing stock of winch packaging & warranty information. New stickers and warranty information will soon be available to update your store stock and these will be available from your State Sales Manager.  Any winch sold both at a wholesale or retail level after 1 September will be covered by the new warranty conditions regardless of whether or not your packaging has been updated. Be sure to advise your customers of this when they purchase. For those of you selling online, you will need to update your product information to reflect these warranty changes. If you have any further questions, please contact your State Sales Manager.