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New floor mat lockdown system

Most consumers understand the benefits that come with choosing quality custom-made floor mats. Apart from a perfect fit and superior material, the advantage of securing them so they are resistant to movement is also seen as a major safety feature.

 Our Parklane brand of tailored floor mats have been designed to suit a vast range of both Australian & imported vehicles. In many instances they are purchased as a direct replacement for worn out factory mats. The systems used to secure these mats vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and in some cases consumers may believe the posts securing the mats are factory fitted so aftermarket mats such as ours are not suitable. This is not the case. The vast majority of factory fitted retaining posts & pins are easily removed by simply unscrewing them and in most cases without any apparent damage to the carpet, however we now have a solution for consumers who don’t want to, or can’t remove the posts.

We have developed our own special lockdown pin that independently secures the floor mat to the carpet, whether or not your vehicle already has a factory or after-market lockdown system. The location of these lockdown points will be pre-drilled into all future tailored floor mat production. As we are not permitted to copy or reproduce factory designed fasteners or pins, it takes away the confusion regarding the use of existing factory lockdown points with our mats. In most cases, our Parklane tailored floor mats will continue to come fitted with round eyelets to fit over O.E. (Original Equipment) lockdown pins, posts & hooks to ensure the mats are a perfect fit.  For more information visit the Parklane Tailored Floor Mats Website.